Just a note to encourage our beer loving friends to check out Untappd to enjoy some social connections with your favorite brews. Brass Hat just threw its brass in the ring as a home brewer of interest...my interest anyway!

1/21/2013 11:56:56 am

I dig Untappd, but as a non-smartphone user, I don't truly get to reap the benefits. I was recently issued an iPad for work, but am not permitted to download non-educational apps (I think Untappd is HIGHLY educational, but maybe not for teens :) The web version just isn't as user-friendly and I'm still a Beer Advocate die-hard, still contributing full reviews semi-regularly. The second I have the ability to have personal apps, I'm on Untappd.

Wow, that was a LOT of "hyphen-ated" comments!

1/30/2013 01:15:45 am

That's understandable Gambrinus. I agree, it seems to be more smart-phone oriented, implementing 4Square to help associate your beer experiences with your actual location at the time of enjoyment. Great way to let perfect strangers know you're not at home so they can ransack your house! I'm not into that aspect at all, but I've taken to using both BA & Untappd now. Lord only knows why but it is a bit more of a social connection on Untappd. You just share what you're drinking and there are no complex, time consuming reviews. But if you want more meat, BA is pretty good, and I continue to submit reviews there for most of the new beer experiences. I do like how BA now allows you to register a beer on your profile without doing a full review, just a quick score to rate it. RateBeer is another good one for a mix of quick reference and decent detail. I use that often as well. Wish I could make a living at it!


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