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It's been a little while since communicating with the Conicalogical, but with the holidays are behind us and with unattainable resolutions on the horizon, I thought it fitting to check in to see what new brew developments are out there. From the Outer Bass Brewing Co. (formerly the Black IPAs, currently Nick & I) we re-named our group and also produced our first brew of the year: a Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale clone from a Maltose Express kit. We think it came out pretty damn good; creamier than the commercial brew but not as hopped out. We'll have to hold another Brew Jam @ Durge's to poll results from the Conicalogical and friends.

What's in your brew kettle these days? Cheers! |Gambrinus|
9/18/2012 12:29:18 am

Thanks for trying to keep the mojo going here Gambrinus. Needless to say I've been a lazy administrator to say the least. I know we've all been active this year. Brass Hat has made, we think, a successful transition to all grain brews with at least 4 enjoyable results. 2 IPA's and more recently 2 brown ales. The latest IPA and brown ale both seem to be exceptional in our humble opinions although we weren't going for anything exotic, just damn good. We have a few IPA's left and plenty of the brown for the next time we get together and sample. Yes, a brew jam is long overdue. I know Rubby has been on a fairly lengthy hiatus due to something called "three kids" among other family responsibilities but he is chomping at the bit to eventually get back in the saddle. Ron & I were happy to meet a fellow home brewer the last time we brewed. He lives just a couple blocks away and we never had met before but he happened upon us and drawn in like a moth to the flame. He has many years of experience and we'll hopefully develop some ongoing interaction into the future. Turns out he's a sports writer for the Waterbury Republican and has quite a few home brewer contacts that might be interesting for us, or at least fun! Meanwhile, I will try to keep this blog more up to date, brewers honor!


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